The Program


PANORAMA is peace of mind

PANORAMA will be your guide through transforming your practice with the VICTUS platform and our Premium IOLs. PANORAMA is your comprehensive program that provides practice integration and ongoing education, as well as a wide spectrum of tips and techniques to ensure your practice gets the most whether you are adding the VICTUS platform, Crystalens AO or TRULIGN Toric IOLs.

From well before you get started with the VICTUS platform, Crystalens AO or TRULIGN Toric IOLs, through every day that follows, PANORAMA equips you to handle and capitalize on the new opportunities that come from making this transformational decision. It’s the comprehensive expertise you need to answer every conceivable question, and confidently transform your practice—backed by the worldwide resources of Bausch + Lomb.

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Here’s what your specialized local team of service professionals will deliver:

Getting StartedGetting Started

In this first phase, your Bausch + Lomb representative will determine the most appropriate integration plan for you based on the specialized needs of your practice. Working together with our team—which consists of a customer service coordinator, service engineer, practice development specialist, and clinical applications specialist—you’ll get everything required to ensure a seamless transition.

During the getting started phase, your practice development specialist will customize an integration program based on your needs. Your specialist will learn more about the specific onboarding materials needed for your practice by asking questions and then customizing a plan.

Your site inspection will also include an analysis of the room to be used for the VICTUS platform. The specifications required for the VICTUS platform will be assessed: The timeline for delivery, the system setup, and staff training needs will also be established.

Upon installation, the setup and testing of the VICTUS platform will commence. At this time, your practice development specialist will provide you with a detailed list of the learning objectives to prepare for on-site training, and the troubleshooting techniques and tips you’ll need to get started.

Practice AdoptionPractice Adoption

The comprehensive expertise and support offered here ensure that your practice practice gets the most whether you are adding the VICTUS platform, Crystalens AO or TRULIGN Toric IOLs. Covering everything from setup and testing, to technical training and staff education, these proven tools provide the means for smooth implementation with no surprises.

The PANORAMA program will provide you with a wide spectrum of materials and educational tools for:

  • On-site training
  • Practice onboarding
  • Staff education


To ensure you have the tools you need to educate your patients, local optometrists, and surrounding communities on the availability and experience your practice now offers with this innovative, new technology, we’ve developed downloadable materials.

Ongoing SuccessOngoing Success

Most important of all, PANORAMA was developed for ongoing practice success. With resources delivering everything from online education for your practice staff, to technical support and easy access to application specialists, PANORAMA has your long-term success in mind.

In order to ensure the successful integration, operation, and support of your VICTUS platform and our Premium IOLs, clinical monitoring and testing are provided as part of the PANORAMA comprehensive support experience.

With the PANORAMA program, skilled professionals ensure a superb level of rapid response, personal service, and clinical consultation. With ongoing support from expert application specialists, easy-access technical phone support, and scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure your practice gets the most whether you are adding the VICTUS platform, Crystalens AO or TRULIGN Toric IOLs, you can feel confident that your VICTUS platform team is here for you.