Crystalens AO accomodates to
deliver a natural range of vision.

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Premium Performance, Beyond Multifocals

Crystalens AO is designed to project a single image on the retina. Unlike multifocal lenses, Crystalens AO provides 100% of light rays regardless of pupil size or age.

Long Term Stability

Crystalens AO offers excellent stability and performance. Excellent distance, intermediate, and near visual outcomes were sustained up to 7 years (in a sub-study of patients).1

It’s Easy to Get Started

Certification is quick and easy. Hands-on customer support is always nearby. No upfront or consignment costs. No certification courses to attend.

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1. D. Michael Colvard, MD, FACS. Long-term Stability of Accommodative IOLS. Ophthalmology Management. 2011.